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Advanced Technologies

cncKad supports advanced technologies, compatible with your cutting machine. Advanced cutting technologies enable the full use of machine capabilities.

Art Parts

Cutting Advanced Technologies: Art PartsYou can create artistic parts, texts, and crazy contours, called Art Parts.

Adding processing for this type of part can take a long time due to compensation calculations. Sometimes, very small contours are not processed at all because the lead-in size is bigger than the contour size.

cncKad offers two options for processing such parts:

  • Process the part with no compensation calculations
  • Apply a minimal lead-in size

The CatEye (known also as OVS for Amada machines) is an electronic sensor on the machine that measures the sheet placement on the machine table, even when the sheet is not aligned with the pins. This is useful when you use two machines to process a part:

  • A punching machine for standard holes
  • A cutting machine to cut non-standard holes and the outer contours


When you select one of these options for your part, the sensor on the machine measures the holes/corners and calculates how to cut the sheet.

Cutting Advanced Technologies: CatEye MeassuringThe picture shows how CatEye measures two round holes

Bridge Cutting

Cutting Advanced Technologies: Bridge Cutting PartscncKad supports bridge cutting for plasma and laser cutting machines. This time-and money-saving option creates one cut, processing all the parts with a single pierce. This allows cutting an entire sheet with a single pierce, which for thick sheets is a time, energy, and material consuming process.

Cutting Advanced Technologies: Text Bridge Cutting

Chain Cutting

Cutting Advanced Technologies: Chain CuttingcncKad lets you determine the order in which to cut the parts by chaining them to one another.