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Temmuz 29, 2021

“ZIZ” Limited Liability Company runs Metalix on their six Amada machines

“We have many different Amada machines and for all these machines the Metalix software is ideally suited.”

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Ocak 31, 2021

Announcing the official release of cncKad V19, MBend V11, MRobot V11, MTube V20

After extensive field testing at over 200 hundred of our customers all over the world, cncKad V19, MBend V11, MRobot V11 and MTube V20 are officially released. Packed with over 200 new features to boost your productivity.
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Temmuz 9, 2020

Metalix, PrimaPower LPE5’i Gelişmiş Boşaltma bir Sistemiyle çalıştırır

Lamel ikinci el bir PrimaPower (FinnPower) LPE5 satın aldığında – lazer punch kombine makinesi-, gelişmiş bir boşaltma sistemi, takımlama, diş açma, tekerlek takım kullanılması  ve daha fazlası için – Metalix‘i seçti.

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Temmuz 2, 2020

Metalix, Amada Fiber lazer ENSIS 3015 AJ’de FlyCut’u destekliyor

Amada CO2 lazerleri için FlyCut (FAST CUT) destekler ve ayrıca, Metalix artık ENSIS 3015 AJ gibi Amada Fiber lazerler için de FlyCut’u destekliyor.

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Haziran 15, 2020

Metalix, Amada Laser LC3015F1-NT’de FAST CUT’u destekler

İtalya’daki OMERO SRL, Amada lazer LC3015F1-NT’de Metalix‘in FLY CUT’unu kullanıyor böylece üretim hızını ve verimliliğini büyük ölçüde artırıyor.

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Mart 1, 2020

When Merito needed a nesting solution for their Amada LC2415 laser, they turned to Metalix

Beeno Horlings, General Manager of Merito BV says: “After we were allowed to use Metalix for a month on trial we were sure this was the right choice.”

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Şubat 13, 2020

N.M. Heilig BV centralizes its CAD CAM system with Metalix

“As we were looking for a link with our ERP system, it was high time for a central CAD CAM system: Metalix.”

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Şubat 3, 2020

As the workload grew, Koskinas decided to buy TruLaser 3040 + RotoLAS with Metalix

Mr. Nikos Koskinas chose the TruLaser 3040 with the RotoLAS option, and Metalix to program both his sheet metal parts and tubes.

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Ocak 22, 2020

Jesús Castro, S.L. Improves Production Workflow after Switching to Metalix

Switching to Metalix for three lasers: Amada LC2415, Prima Platino1530 and Baykal BLS3015 Neo, decreases the number of programmers from three to one, and reduces scrap by 15%.

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Aralık 19, 2019

MBend V10 is released

Get Hybrid database mode with multiple setups support, new tooling options, and auto-processing. Contact Metalix for details and an upgrade.

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Aralık 2, 2019

Announcing the official release of cncKad V18

After extensive field testing, cncKad V18 is officially released.

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Kasım 8, 2019

Metalix at Blechexpo in Stuttgart

Potential and existing customers thronged the Metalix booth at Blechexpo 2019, eager for the latest news on all Metalix products.

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