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December 2, 2019

Announcing the official release of cncKad V18

After extensive field testing, cncKad V18 is officially released.

Packed with over 150 new features and support for the latest machine models and technology in Sheet Metal Fabrication, V18 is sure to boost your productivity, machine, and material usage.


Some of the highlights are:

  • Advanced handling of common cuts both for Laser/Plasma and for Punch.
  • Introducing MADAFMetalix App for Doors and Frames – parametric creation of any Door/Frame geometry + tooling, integration with ERP.
  • Set Part Frame inside AutoNest for unloading small parts in laser machines.
  • Advanced reports with barcodes and QR codes.
  • Bite Lead-in for Holes and Parts.
  • JobTrack supports Quotes and Production Lots.
  • MTube V20-Unfolder supports import of any CAD files and assemblies, correcting 3D geometry, and direct transfer to cncKad/MBend for cutting/bending.
  • MTube V20-Tubes supports advanced tube design, puzzle joints, tube bend cut, and direct transfer to cncKad-Tube.

For a full list of new features in V18, download the What’s New document.

For more on V18 Latest Developments go to Metalix YouTube Channel.