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January 31, 2021

Announcing the official release of cncKad V19, MBend V11, MRobot V11, MTube V20

After extensive field testing at over 200 of our customers all over the world, cncKad V19, MBend V11, MRobot V11 and MTube V20 are officially released.
Packed with over 200 new features and support for the latest machine models and technology in Sheet Metal Fabrication, these new versions are sure to boost your productivity and material usage.
Some of the highlights are:

  • Bevel – V19 features big advance in our Bevel support, both for Plates and for Tubes. Traditionally for Plasma machines, and recently for Fiber Laser machines.
  • cncKad/AutoNest – A lot of new features including Picture Conversion, enhanced support for stacking devices, coil machines, Part Handling, and in general – more automation. Automatic Part ID on each part, either marking (with laser or punch), or using a printer, doing text/barcode/QR Codes. Our Part ID Text is now greatly enhanced – and was already the best.
    Unfolding 3D Parts – Now with SolidWorks and Creo native, and Folding DXF.
    The Estimation/Quoting module is also enhanced with automatic support for Bending cost. More manufacturers and models – currently at over 200 manufacturers and over 2000 machine models.
  • cncKad/AutoNest – Tube is also greatly improved with support for more models including Amada FOM2RI and CypTube machines.
  • MADAF – Now a mature product, MADAF can fit any Door and Frame manufacturer.
  • JobTrack – Many users are now relying on JT in their production, tracking Parts, Orders, Nests, and Quotes, more and more ERP integrations. JobTrack can now support Industry 4 standard, with collectors for many machines.
  • MBend/MBend Terminal – New features include support for automatic processing with multiple tools, allowing easy creation of setups for complex parts, and tool definitions in templates, enabling pre-configured profiles ready for sequencing. In addition, the system now supports “W” bending for deep channels, and inserting hits manually for stiffening bends. V11 also adds enhanced support for hemming tables, easy display manipulation with a Views Cube, and improved support for multiple setups with customized setup reports.
  • MRobot – We have made a large progress in the development of this product, which is already installed at several sites, supporting Kuka and Yaskawa robots. Additional cells with Fanuc and ABB robots are being currently installed.
    We have patented our calibration process, CaliBright®, and already managed to calibrate several cells remotely (due to Covid19 travel restrictions).
  • MT family of products:
    • MTube – New support for Tube Bevel, and enhanced support for Tube commands – tube assemblies (construction), connections, intersections, bend cuts and more.
    • MT-Unfolder – We can now automatically handle a mixed assembly of Tube parts and Folded parts.
      Note: this functionality is now also in CAD Link !
    • MT-Busbar – Easy creation of Bus Bar parts (3D).