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April 4, 2024

Announcing the official release of cncKad V22, MBend V16, MRobot V16, MTube V24

After extensive field testing at over 300 of our customers worldwide, cncKad V22MBend V16MRobot V16 and MTube V24 are officially released.
Packed with over 200 new features and support for the latest machine models and technology in Sheet Metal Fabrication, these new versions are sure to boost your productivity and optimize your material usage.

  • Some of the highlights cncKad/AutoNest V22 – A lot of new features including, information retrieval from DFT,  shape list view in AutoNest, configuring material cutting defaults, setting prepiercing using cutting table, table name search in cutting tables, automatic move of split skeleton line, setting cutting speed from slow cutting parameters dialog box, more hits with shorter tools, adding white background to text,  processing order display, showing parts of current SubNest, MicroJoint profiles, hiding sheets with zero quantity, SubNest job time added to nest report, A-Face for unfolding, joining colinear bends. Many other features were enhanced, such as export to DXF, marking, stacking, blank parts, Part ID Text, special processing and making loop with beam off.
  • Plate Bevel –V22 features big advance in our bevel support with setting bevel tool path, resetting bevel order and introducing Bevel 3D View.
  • cncKad/AutoNest Tube V22 – Our tube package is also greatly improved with support for 3D tube view in 2D simulation.
  • JobTrack – Enhanced features include automatic scheduling , automated job execution and more.
  • MBend V16 – New features include support for taper backgauge, part simulation data for multiple machines, and support for native SolidWorks 2023 parts.
  • MRobot V16 – Enhanced support for Kuka, Yaskawa and Fanuc robots, modifiable regrip-station sticks and gripper sticks, multi-form grippers, support for thickness measurement device and for angle measurement device, multiple in-pallets option, calculation of production time. Many other features were enhanced, such as support for cells with Gripper Changer, and out-pallet stacking.
  • MTube V24 – New support for splice shape tube end treatment and tube direction setting for CAD link and CAD tube.