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April 2, 2024

Cupples (USA) Uses Metalix to Cut Beveled Parts

Cupples J&J has been using Metalix nesting solution since 2017, for their 4 Eagle lasers:  iNspire and eVision models.

In 2022 they added a Penta 30Kw, and recently – another Penta 30Kw with a bevel laser head.

Says Jason Bennett, head of the programming department:

“Cupples J&J started in 1966 by the late James L. Cupples in a garage doing small machine shop work and has grown to 300 plus employees and three distinct locations, in Dyersburg TN, Camden TN, and our main location in Jackson TN with a total of 262,000 sq. ft under roof.

Our precision fabrication division currently has 25 laser cutting systems up to 40KW 6030 with 5-axis bevel head capability. Recently we purchased two Cutlite Penta 30KW cutting systems to add to our growing demand for laser processing. This puts the company at 27 laser cutting systems to date.

All these lasers are useless without the ability to draw, design, nest, and program 27 lasers running around the clock. Cupples J&J has two full time programmers: Jason Bennett and Drew Kirkpatrick, both have been with the company for over 20 years.

About 6 years ago we went with Metalix programming software to help program our new 6KW & 12KW Eagle fiber laser cutting systems. Since then, we have added Cutlite Penta to the Metalix programming for flat cutting and bevel cutting.

Jason and Drew both have many years of experience on a variety of different nesting software. They say Metalix has proved to be a remarkably simple and user-friendly way to program.

Jason with Metalix 3D Simulation shown on his screen

Whether you are programming one part or 100 parts on a single nest or programming for multiple machines, this software makes the process simple and easy.

With the recent purchase of our Cutlite Penta 5-axis bevel fiber cutting system we turned to Metalix once again to create a post to utilize their bevel technology. After some training on the bevel features and some online discussions the software has not disappointed.

It is as easy as picking the contours and the type of bevel and the Metalix software does the rest, with full control over your lead-ins/lead-outs on all contours and 3D views every step of the way to ensure the part is correct. We even have the Metalix software doing bevels that other software companies said could not be done.

Metalix also has great support and a customer service team that is truly knowledgeable and quick to respond to any questions we may have. They offer a hands-on training course that can walk you through all aspects of their software from flat laser parts to complex bevel parts, from importing the parts to making the best most efficient nest, Metalix will make the whole experience seamless.

As our demand for more powerful and efficient fiber laser machines grow, we hope to continue to work with Metalix. Their software efficiently utilizes the most cost-effective nesting solutions.

This helps Cupples J&J stay on the cutting edge of this ever growing and competitive world of lasers. “

-Jason Bennett