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February 6, 2022

Gree Electric implements Metalix MBend for Yawei Press Brake with Delem DA69T

Gree Electric (Zhuhai – China) is a well-known manufacturer in the global home appliance industry. Through years of improvement, Gree Electric has advanced sheet metal production equipment and technologies.
When Gree wanted a complete solution for bending parts, they chose Yawei press brake with  MBend offline bending software.

HyMore (Shanghai ) is Metalix distributor in China.

MBend software contains a built-in 3D model of Yawei machine with accurately reproduced geometries of all the elements included in bending calculation – fingers, clamps, upper and lower beams, and throat, to make bending simulation as close to the actual bending as possible.

3D model of a Yawei Press Brake

A 3D part opens directly in MBend and the software automatically unfolds it according to the parameters selected by the customer.

MBend opening a 3D part file

 Upon opening a part file, MBend automatically searches for the suitable tooling according to the tool library in the software, calculates the bending sequence and numbers, lengths, and positions of the upper and lower tool segments, and finally performs bending simulation. The programmer can any time manually adjust the bending sequence, finger positions, and other parameters when needed.

MBend bending simulation

After completing the simulation, the software generates NC code, which can be directly transmitted to the bending machine or PC on the workshop site through a USB drive or LAN.

Bending machine reading NC code

3D graphics of the processed parts are displayed on the machine control (if the control supports this option)

An auxiliary machine display shows the PDF setup report (if the machine has no auxiliary display, the report can be printed) so that the operator can in real time see the dynamic bending simulation as well as all the parameters of each hit – tool lengths, gauging positions, workpiece placement, etc. The software significantly simplifies bending process for a machine operator and improves its standardized management.

3D graphics and setup report displayed on the machine

Setup report generated by MBend

After a professional training performed by MBend and Yawei engineers, Gree Electric has gradually become proficient in using MBend software. The following improvements has been achieved:

  • An on-site first piece trial folding stage is skipped, reduced downtime and waste of blanks.
  • Complex parts are automatically processed and simulated in 3D in the office.
  • Significantly reduced the need for bending experience of a machine operator.
  • Bending of complex parts is possible.
  • All bending programs can be permanently stored on a PC, regardless of the machine control capacity.
  • A machine operator is guided by the reliable setup reports generated by the software. Bending process management is standardized.
  • Minimize human errors.

Completed parts

The Yawei bending machine configuration:

AxesY1, Y2, X, X’, R, Z1, Z2, V

Controller: Delem DA69T