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December 10, 2017

HMF Express celebrates 9 years using Metalix software

HMF ExpressHMF Express met with Metalix at FABTECH in Chicago. Roger Benton, the Engineering Manager of HMF Express, says:

First let me say thank you for the time you spent with me at FABTECH. It was very informative and I was pleased to have so many features and enhancements to share with the engineering team upon my return.

When we transitioned from our legacy CAM software to cncKad, it revolutionized our engineering design capabilities. cncKad’s application interfaces (APIs) allow us to integrate with our other business systems, streamlining the data entry process we use to produce part files. With these part files and cncKad AutoNest, we optimize our use of sheet steel on every punch press and laser machine tool in our shop. Nesting more of our work creates manufacturing efficiencies by reducing the number of smaller blanks and the number of times we shear material to size. Thanks to Metalix for proving well-designed technology backed by timely technical support to make our company, HMF Express, the service leader in the North American custom commercial hollow metal market.

Roger Benton
Engineering Manager
HMF Express, USA