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July 9, 2020

Metalix runs PrimaPower LPE5 with Advanced Chute System

Lamel from Żukowo, Poland, has been producing sheet metal parts for the last 28  years, serving various industries such as electrical casing, cabinets, container transformer stations, low and medium voltage switchgears. Among Lamel customers, you can find a variety of companies from the private and public sectors. Lamel provides electrical equipment for housing, commercial centers, offices, public facilities and many more.


When Lamel purchased a second hand  PrimaPower (FinnPower) LPE5, a complicated combi punch+laser machine, with an advanced chute system, forming, tapping, wheels and more, they turned to Metalix. Their Polish office ‘Metalix-Polska’ made every effort to support all the advanced features of this machine such as forming, tapping, punch and laser chutes.

Watch a video of PrimaPower (FinnPower) LPE5:

Lamel started working with Metalix software back in 2006. Over the course of years, they changed and added machines to their machinery park, but Metalix software always remained and supported them all.

Lamel runsMetalix on PrimaPower (FinnPower) LPE5      Metalix Polska and Lamel representatives