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December 31, 2013

Metalix Supports Han’s Laser Automatic Tube Machines

Over the past five years Metalix has been the standard CAD/CAM package supplied by Han’s Laser:

  • Supporting its line of CO2 and fiber laser cutting machines with the optional rotary axis for tube cutting
  • Delivering over 1000 licenses for machines up to 16 x 4 meters (with or without reposition)

Metalix supports Han’s Laser automatic tube cutting machines, capable of cutting six-meter tubes with automatic loading and unloading. cncKad supports automatic nesting of tubes, flipping and rotating the parts to achieve best usage of the raw tube.

cncKad also supports common-line cutting for tubes and cutting elliptical tubes.

Watch an elliptical tube being cut on a Han’s Laser machine.

Hans Metalix 3Nesting rectangular tubes
Hans Metalix 2Nesting round tubes
Hans Metalix

An elliptical tube cut with cncKad on a Han’s tube machine