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May 8, 2022

Micro Industries implements MRobot for bending cell with Trumpf press brake and Kuka robot

Micro Industries Ltd, located in Migdal Haemek, Israel, is a leading provider of quality custom sheet metal fabrications.

Says Eyal Azar, Owner and Founder:

Micro Industries was established in 1993. The factory designs and manufactures electronic packaging products, for customers in the communications, cellular, electronics, aviation, hospital equipment industries and more.

Micro is using Metalix software since 1995 including cncKad and MBend. Having Metalix  as a key strategic partner is a fact that contributes to our competitiveness.

Recently Micro established a robotic bending cell, with a Trumpf V85s  press-brake and a Kuka KR16 Robot. The cell was designed with the help of Metalix team. It was designed with a channel dug in the floor, that can be covered to enable manual bending.

But as it is becoming really difficult to find employees to bend parts manually, the use of a robotized cell bundled with an offline software, is a major step forward in our ability to provide solutions to our customers.

Our robotized bending cell is powered by MRobot+ MBend suit which is a powerful combination: MBend provides the tooling and sequencing solution and MRobot generates the NC programs for the robot and the press brake, and the interaction between them.

Eyal Azar next to the robotic bending cell

So far, there were already several parts that we produced with MRobot. Two of the parts were especially challenging. Very long and narrow. The Metalix team designed dedicated grippers for these parts and dedicated regripping solutions.  MRobot was also used to define optimal stacking for the parts that were produced in quantities of over 20000 units.

MRobot Micro Part 1

MRobot Micro Part 2



Thanks to MRobot+MBend we have managed to reduce the programming times and costs of the bending process.

These benefits return the investment in this solution in a relatively short time.

We cannot over emphasize the contribution of this solution to our company.