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June 17, 2008

New in cncKad V9

The new version of cncKad provides you with features that help you create, manipulate, nest, process, and post-process your parts in the most efficient manner possible.

cncKad version 9 includes new manual options, giving you full control of many functions, as well as automatic solutions to save precious time.

cncKad‘s new version presents new features:

  • With CAM layers, a single cncKad part can now contain different processing definitions, corresponding to one unique geometry
  • The Parametric Part Library is a totally new and easy way to create your parts in cncKad. You can now select, configure, and create geometries from a Predefined Shape Library
  • Linear Turret can now be defined
  • Multi-Radius Tools crunch circles in Auto Punch and Manual Punch
  • Cluster Tools in Automatic Punching are supported
  • Tube 3D view allows you to see how your tube will look after cutting it
  • New Automatic DXF to NC solution within Auto Nest avoids the need to transfer the part to cncKad for processing