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September 4, 2017

New company website

Are you homesick for the old Metalix website? Never fear; view it here!

And for those of you who welcome change, Metalix is proud to show off the new website!

This website provides in-depth coverage of the solutions Metalix has to offer, for press brakes and tubes, as well as sheet metal processing for all kinds of machines including combinations. Discover solutions for estimations and quotations, job tracking, 3D CAD integration, and parametric programming.

The Metalix flagship product, cncKad, is explored in depth, alongside AutoNest, MTube, and MBend. You can find product-specific brochures and posters, see which machines are supported, and open a support call if you want to make contact.

Complete translations of the website into more languages are being added daily.

The time has come to discover all that Metalix has to offer!