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June 19, 2012

Schneider-Electric integrated cncKad with SAP ERP system

Schneider-Electric has selected cncKad for interfacing with SAP ERP system

cncKad has been integrated at Schneider-Electric with their SAP ERP to support a fully automated system for driving a Boschert Punching and Milling machine.

This cncKad add-in module is integrated into the ERP SAP system and can read order lists generated by the company for batch generation of parts.
The module analyzes groups of SAP files extracting the relevant data required for the production of parametric parts, generating a row for each relevant model with all relevant production data.

Schneider-Electric SAP ERP system

With one click the user can generate a nested solution, complete with tooling definitions for the entire production order list, including relevant text marking on every part, ready to be sent to the Boschert machine.

cncKad working with Schneider-Electric Boschert machine