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June 7, 2018

Tempa Pano implements Metalix for all Amada and Mitsubishi machines

Tempa Pano specializes in producing high quality electrical enclosures for over 25 years, delivering its products in Turkey and around the world. They have a variety of Amada machines: EMZ3016 with PR III (Part Unload), VIPROS368, Arcade 210, and Laser LC2415 III.

In 2013 Tempa Pano purchased Mitsubishi eX 3015 Laser with full automation of sheet loading and unloading from Atlas-CNC. The machine was delivered with Metalix cncKad.

Maksut Gazeryan

Mr. Maksut Gazeryan

Says Mr. Maksut Gazeryan, owner and CEO of Tempa Pano:

“After my engineers started to use Metalix software and saw the power and ease of use and the integration with SOLIDWORKS, which is our 3D design tool, they immediately wanted to use it for all our machines.

In our standard production for the Mitsubishi Laser, we constantly use automatic nesting with common-line cutting, which reduces both our scrap and production time.

We ran tests using cncKad for all our Amada machines, after which we purchased four network licenses with support for all our machines. We currently run all our machines using Metalix cncKad, which has unified our technical office with one powerful CAM software. This enables us to easily transfer jobs between machines and preserve knowledge and technology.”