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December 15, 2021

Zaminox choses Metalix for their Bystronic Laser and Trumpf Punching machines

Zaminox, located in picturesque Marsa, Malta, is a leading provider of quality custom sheet metal fabrications.
Running a variety of machines, including Bystronic Laser, Chinese Laser WH-TQ, Trumpf Punch TC500R, TC200R, TC120R, Zaminox chose Metalix to support their workflow and all their machines.

Says Johann Bondin, Director and Co-Founder:

Zaminox was established in Malta in 1988 by pioneers in sheet metal manufacturing industry and is serving various industries, such as electronics, pharmaceutical, waste water treatment, catering, and more.

Zaminox acquired Metalix software and is using the following solutions for our Bystronic and Trumpf machines:

    • cncKad, being a fully integrated CAD/CAM solution for cutting and punching metal parts
    • AutoNest, which is the automatic nesting software for real shapes

We cannot imagine the operation of our company and machines without Metalix software, being the key strategic partner for our CAD/CAM programming.

Thanks to Metalix we have managed to reduce the programming times and costs of our punching and laser cutting machines, as well as update optimization, training and support services that are constantly required.

Previously, it was difficult to program our machines due to obsolete machine software, which interoperability with the design software was almost nil, and thus resulted in time consuming configuration of work production, and increased times of orders supply to our clients.


Additionally, we were required to have a crew on the shop floor available all the time, who could give us permanent support, which increased workforce costs and the constant dependence on human resources with programming expertise in each of the machines.

Currently, our company uses AutoNest and cncKad software for punching and laser cutting programming. This gives us the following benefits:

    • Metalix software is extremely easy to use and smoothly adapts to our workflow. It allows us to quickly move from the design stage to cutting and punching of the ordered pieces
    • Practicality and current and new personnel training time reduction
    • Permanent updates with new functionalities aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency in the use of the available machines
    • Orders programming time reduction on the machines, due to programming speed increase
    • Constant and permanent support by Metalix representatives in the event of any concern or unexpected situation in any of the stages (pre-sale, sale, support and renewal)