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Fully Automated Nesting

AutoNest Pro

AutoNest Pro supports powerful and most efficient array for punching machines and laser machines.

Teric Engineering Co. Ltd., South Korea

AutoNest Pro is an optional module of AutoNest, including an improved True Shape nesting algorithm. This optional module gives the most efficient results.

AutoNest Pro allows you to choose the maximum time to run the nesting algorithm.Within this time limit AutoNest Pro calculates the best possible nesting solution.

AutoNest Pro:

  • Arranges the parts on the sheets even more efficiently than AutoNest.
  • Gives you full control of the time it devotes to calculations.
  • During nesting, shows sketches of the proposed SubNests.
  • Allows you to stop nesting when you see a satisfactory result.

Standard overnight nesting placed 34 parts:Standard AutoNest

AutoNest Pro placed 48 parts:AutoNest Pro