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cncKad provides full manual and automatic support for busbar parts.

Among all the software we have used, Metalix cncKad has been most customized in the fields of functions, convenience, and the transferring between NCT and laser 3D diagrams.  Besides, based on the Metalix policy of “customer service counseling”, the offering of training and education from Metalix makes its software one of the most superior.

Chon Whe, Taiwan

The video shows busbar creation in cncKad
TThe video shows copper busbar creation on Stierli machine with Metalix

cncKad delivers a full range of features for manual and automatic creation of busbar parts, including

  • Designing and editing parts
  • Tooling
  • Nesting on sheet metal coil
  • Creating and simulating NC code
  • Generating job reports

You can:

  • Import DXF/DWG files or the 3D busbar parts designed in EPLAN directly into cncKad
  • Nest the part files on a coil directly in AutoNest
  • Automatically produce NC programs
  • Create busbar reports

Busbar Processing Example in cncKad