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Metalix offers detailed cncKad reports using a variety of production report templates.

Once our new machine landed we were very happy with the speed in which we were able to get into full production. We believe cncKad had much to do with this.

Mike Branderhorst, Andex Metal Products Ltd. (now Agway Metals Inc.), Canada

cncKad Reports: barcode reportcncKad offers detailed production reports that include all the information needed to manufacture your part. The reports can include graphics of the processed sheet, tooling and processing information.

All the data can be presented as text, barcodes, or QR codes depending on the template you select.

cncKad supplies detailed report templates for

  • individual cncKad parts
  • multiple parts
  • cncKad nests

The templates are fully customizable, with practically every detail of the part(s) and machine available for display.

cncKad supports generating reports in RPT, DOC, RTF and TXT formats, and you can freely edit them, adding parameters, data, and graphics such as your logo.