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Cutting Technology Tables/Import External Tables

The Cutting Technology Tables allow you to define, view, and edit cutting technology parameters. The tables contain charts that cover all aspects of a material’s cutting:

  • Cutting feed rate
  • Cutting speed for different sized entities
  • Lead-in and exit definitions for different sized entities
  • Corner angles
  • Overlap for holes/parts
  • Detailed piercing parameters
  • Detailed gas parameters
  • Minimum and maximum diameters

The cncKad Cutting Technology Tables are material-based and machine-specific. Different selections of gas, head, and lens can be defined for each combination of material and sheet thickness.

cncKad comes with standard tables, appropriate for the installed machine model. In addition, cncKad allows you to import external cutting technology tables from your machine environment into cncKad, then edit and use them. This is possible from selected manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Durma, Amada, Bystronic, Boschert, and Yawei, for both punching and plasma cutting.