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cncKad supports 2D milling for forming pockets and shaped contours.

Finally we got cncKad, which has all the features in one single solution, even things that other big and recognized companies told me were practically impossible… cncKad did it.

William Perez, head of programming at TMP Manufacturing co. de México, Mexico

Milling in cncKadcncKad provides a 2D milling feature for easy formation of pockets and complex shaped contours. Multiple parameters allow flexible and detailed definitions of machining processes, with depth and thickness to define the tooling attributes.

You can:

  • Add cutting type, approach (lead-in), and (optionally) exit parameters
  • Control the position speed and Z axis position by selecting Z Option
  • Set the milling depth (Z axis)
  • Gradually penetrate the desired depth
  • Add a pocket, setting its depth and overlap
  • Examine the full cut tool width