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Advanced Technologies

cncKad supports advanced technologies, compatible with your punch machine. These advanced punch technologies are fully automatic, yet are easy to control manually.

Tool Path Optimization

Punch Advanced Technologies: Tool Path OptimizationcncKad improves tool path efficiency by

  • Choosing the starting corner of the cut
  • Determining the tool path
  • Specifying the width of material stripes
  • Determining the cooling distance

You can set the factors individually for each tool or allow cncKad to set them globally for all tools.


Minimum Tool Rotation

When using a tool in an auto index station, cncKad organizes the order of hits so that there is minimal rotation of the station.

This option ensures prolonged machine life by reducing wear on the machine components.

Common Cuts

The common cuts feature enables you to process adjoining parts with the same punch width, saving machine time and freeing room on the sheet for more parts.

The outer contours of two adjoining parts are processed with only one tool, even if they are machined by special tools.



You can automatically crunch the skeleton wrapping the parts; when you combine the trim feature with the common cuts command, very little skeleton remains.

You can choose to trim individual edges or the whole sheet.


Punch Advanced Technologies: StripesYou can divide the sheet into stripes so that cncKad processes one stripe at a time. The use of stripes significantly reduces collision problems and sheet distortions (common with thick or heavy punched sheets).

cncKad optionally discards the remainder of each stripe. In this case, an extra punch appears between the stripes.