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Special Tools

The user-friendly interface & the CAD-like functions make transitioning from any drafting software to Metalix very easy. With training & guidance from their experienced technician I was surprised how quickly the software was implemented and in use. Fantastic product & great support network; would recommend it to anyone.

Oliver Taseski, Precise Metal Products, Australia

cncKad supports special tools such as the Wilson wheel family (rib, offset, pincher) and other Wilson tools such as louver, cluster, tap, pre-tap, emboss, banana, slit, multi-shear, and other non-standard tools.

cncKad Special Tools


cncKad Special Tools WheelcncKad supports the whole Wilson wheel (roller) tool family, useful for production of slits, ribs, and offsets.



cncKad Special Tools Tapping

Tapping tools included in the standard tool library supplied with cncKad enable forming of high precision threads.


cncKad Special Tools EmbossEmboss tools supplied with the standard cncKad tool library are useful for creating large counter sinks and locks for nuts.



cncKad Special Tools DeburrDeburring tools remove or treat unwanted material at the edges of the components, after processing, by smoothing the cut edges.



cncKad Special Tools LouvercncKad supports the use of special tools such as louver, which can be used to create airflows, decorations, or wire harnesses.



cncKad Special Tools ClustercncKad supports the use of cluster tools as the most effective method of creating perforations. AutoPunch checks the possibility of using cluster tools for punching grids, and uses them whenever possible.


cncKad Special Tools Cluster