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Turret Handling

cncKad lets you specify the exact tool setup for your turret, thus ensuring your NC code runs smoothly on the machine.

You can define tools for specific stations in the turret using a graphic interface, allowing you full control over tool selection, including Auto Index and multitools.

Auto Index

Turret Handling: Example of auto index station usage in cncKadAll part corners were processed with the same banana tool placed in an Auto Index station

cncKad supports Auto Index stations, which facilitate productive and effective manufacturing, thus easing machine wear, reducing the quantity of used tools, and resulting in shorter NC programs.

LASTSET Turret Setup

Turret Handling: LASTSET Turret Setup in cncKadThe LASTSET option lets you manage your tools effectively. This feature represents the exact tool arrangement in the machine, reflecting the turret setup of the last NC.

The LASTSET file is an alternative to the whiteboard often found next to machines, which machine operators use to update the current tools in the turret. Because it shows which tools are currently loaded in the machine, the LASTSET feature is useful in two important ways:

  • It automatically calculates which changes the machine operators must make in the tooling to produce the next part.
  • It helps the engineers select tools when processing parts. Different tools may often be used for the same job, and intelligent selection helps minimize tool changes, thereby saving time.
Turret Setup

Turret Handling: Turret Setup in cncKad You can preview a graphic representation of the turret, containing tools with their assigned station numbers.

You can add, edit, and remove tools from the tool display in the turret.
Alternatively, the setup of the turret can be shown and manipulated as a list (displayed in the LASTSET section).