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Designing Parts

With the MBend module of designing parts you can draw part profiles.

We are currently running Metalix 15 and have used Metalix from version 11. We have a few different operating and CAD systems but Metalix is the favourite with our programmers.

Easy to teach and to use, very user friendly, and some good features.

Adrian Campbell (MD), Campbell Laser Cutters Ltd, UK


Designing parts in MBendDesigning parts in MBend
Use the MBend design module to sketch a part profile, refine its flange dimensions and angles, and save it in the profile library for later reuse.

MBend also includes a basic 3D CAD designer.

Profile Designer

Designing Parts: MBend profile designerPreview of a template from the templates library Draw the profile design freehand, and then adjust the draft measurements so they are exactly what you need.

You can save the profile with a name in the library of profile templates, and then use it as your base whenever you need to create a part with a similar basic design.

When you want to use a profile from the template library, MBend shows you a preview of each saved template.

Designing Parts: example of designed profile in MBendEditing the profileYou can edit the profile, changing its dimensions.

You can open it in the design module for adding 3D elements or open the part directly in the Simulation mode.


3D CAD Designer

Designing Parts: MBend 3D CAD DesignerMBend includes a basic 3D CAD designer for creating sheet metal parts. Open an existing part or create a part based on a profile, and then add flanges, lips, cutouts, chamfers, fillets, and holes.