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MRobot is a module for simulating and programming robotic bending cells.

Building on the power of MBend‘s automatic tooling and sequencing features, MRobot offers

  • Fully automatic part tooling, sequencing, and setup
  • Fully automatic gripping and path calculations
  • Interactive gripping and path control
  • Coordinated simulation of robot and brake interaction
  • Support for cells with rails
  • Support for grippers with vacuum/clamp combinations
  • Graphical control over control points for manual path adjustments
  • Fast and easy calibration
  • Generation of NC code for both machine and robot

MRobot and MBend

You can create your bending cell from a set of preconfigured components, including the robot, press brake, gripper, rail, and peripheral components such as orientation table, re-gripping station, in-pallet, and out-pallet. Once you select the peripherals, you can easily position them according to your cell layout then use the calibration feature to validate MRobot settings. You can also add new peripherals via the MRobot graphical interface for custom components.
MRobot MRobot is currently compatible with Kuka® and Yaskawa® robots, with more under development. As an extension to the MBend software, these robots can interface with most press brakes, allowing great flexibility in cell management.