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MBend enables manual selection or automatic calculation of bend sequencing.

Our new upgrade was up and running less than four minutes after installation. I am very satisfied with the new features and quality code.

Mitchell Parlette, Allfab, Inc., USA

MBend automatic sequence setting capabilities:

  • Calculation of a collision-free sequence for any number of bends
  • Optimized tool station setup calculation based on tool segment availability
  • Intelligent tool segment distribution and clamping
  • Heel tools for overhanging flanges
  • Tool rotation (when possible) to avoid part rotations
  • Hit splitting to avoid holder and table collisions
  • Hemming bends
  • Divide and merge tools for collinear (in-line) bends
Automatic Sequencing

Sequencing: MBend Automatic SequencingAfter tool selection, MBend can automatically calculate bend sequences, based on different properties of the hits. You can choose the sequence that meets your requirements.

MBend calculates collision-free bending solutions that are ready for production, ensuring the machine operator does not waste time and material on trial runs.

If a collision-free bending sequence exists, MBend can find it.

Manual Sequencing in 3D
This video sets a bending sequence manually using interactive sequencing

MBend enables full manual control of bending sequences:

  • Set the bend sequence by folding the bends into the finished product
  • Split bends into partial bends to avoid collisions
  • Change sequences by dragging and dropping single and multiple bends into the order you want
  • Use heels/horns
  • Rotate the part or the tools