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Defining Cell Components

When defining cell components, MRobot allows you choosing a variety of compulsory and optional elements .

Every bending cell in MRobot is built by adding and positioning compulsory and optional components.
Compulsory components are:

  • Press brake
  • Robot
  • Gripper – One or more
  • In-pallet
  • Out-pallet – One or more

If the robot is mounted on a rail, then the cell must also have:

  • Plate on which the robot is mounted
  • Rail

Optional components are:

  • Orientation table, also called an Indexing table or a Reference table
  • Regrip station
  • Gripper changing station
  • Auxiliary objects, such as the control cabinet, are used to avoid collisions when calculating trajectories

Defining cell components for a cell can be done by reading an IGES file. They can also be imported from another MRobot cell.

Defining Cell Components