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Robotic Bending Solution

MRobot provides a complete robotic bending solution.

A complete robotic bending solution includes the following robotic steps displayed, as a result,  in the simulation panel.
For each stage, the left green check column indicates whether the gripping arrangements /trajectories were defined.
For example, you can see them below in clear order:

  1. Collecting a part from the in-pallet.
  2. Optionally, placing the part on the orientation table. The part slides down into the bottom corner.
  3. Moving the part into position on the press brake for the first bend.
  4. After each bend, moving the part to the correct position for the next bend. The robot optionally follows the part; i.e. does not release it, maintaining hold during bending.
  5. Optionally using the regrip station to change the hold on the part.
  6. Placing the part according to the output options:
    • Released in a sack
    • Placed on the conveyor belt
    • Stacked on the out-pallet
  7. Finally returning to in-pallet, ready to collect another piece.

Generating a Robotic Bending Solution

Most importantly, these steps can be achieved in a fully automated mode. Alternatively, you can select the gripping positions manually. Doing so, you control the trajectories using path Control Points, or by directly manipulating the robot’s joints.

Now you can generate the NC program and let the robot bend the part.