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With cncKad, we save much time and prevent loss from manual errors. The function “ORD CSV MAP” has good integration with our company’s ERP system with the generation of CSV files. AutoNest Pro makes the best use of different materials with the combination of various parts together on one plate for layout. Also, “Smart Cut” can change parts entry, add joints and apply to SubNest. It avoids repeated cuts and thus ensures safe processing … we are very satisfied with cncKad and highly recommend it.

Mr. Guan-Qiu Lu, Owner, Yi Hao, Taiwan

Metalix provides an advanced platform for cost estimation of production times and costs, to assist you when preparing quotes.

This cost estimation module is optional and available only in AutoNest. The estimation data is presented in both a dedicated viewer and generated report documents.

The estimation process enables you to view a wealth of data:

  • Total cost and time for the entire daily job
  • Processing time for all the parts and SubNests produced
  • Detailed processing time of the different production stages: cutting, piercing, head traveling, etc.
  • Amount and cost of gas and electricity used
  • Cost, weight, and efficiency (percentage of the sheet occupied by parts) of material used

Daily Job Estimation Viewer showing estimation data for all SubNests

The estimation calculations are based on a wide database of technology information and user-configured parameters:

  • Properties of the product: shape, thickness, material, etc.
  • Machine cutting technology tables
  • For punch machines: punch and nibble speeds, time for changing tools and moving turrets, etc.
  • User-defined prices:

Engineering and programming

Machine setup and processing

Material prices per weight

Electricity and gas

Download the Estimation leaflet.

estimation reportDaily Job estimation report in AutoNest