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Reifer Oy, Finland

Machines: Amada LC 2415, Amada Pega 358, Trumpf, Amada MBend HFT/HFP

There is a punching machine and a laser cutting machine in our company. Our production is quite hectic. The size of the production series is small but there is a large number of different parts. Practically all the nests are done only once. Most of the time of programmers were searching and fixing geometries and files and then building nests of those files.

With previous software there were problems all the time with schedules, and orders were late. Before Metalix there were two programmers making nests as a full-time job. The machine operators also did nests in the evening shift.

Working with Metalix with CSV connection to the ERP system changed the situation radically. Now there is only one programmer who works about 3-4 hours/day. Doing nests is not the bottleneck any more. New programming system that is integrated to the ERP system gives a lot of possibilities to develop production in future.

Ville Otranen, Owner and Production Manager, Reifer Oy, Finland