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Precise Metal Products, Australia

Machine: Amada Pega 357

The user-friendly interface & the CAD-like functions make transitioning from any drafting software to Metalix very easy. With training & guidance from their experienced technician I was surprised how quickly the software was implemented.

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Ing. Zeilinger Maschinenbau GmbH, Austria

Machine: Euromac Punch

The automatic functions of the Metalix software are very sophisticated and facilitate the programming considerably. … the quality and speed of our punching work increased by at least a factor of three.

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Andex Metal Products Ltd., Canada

Machine: Muratec M-2048LT

Once our new machine landed we were very happy with the speed in which we were able to get into full production. We believe cncKad had much to do with this.

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Reifer Oy, Finland

Machines: Amada LC 2415, Amada Pega 358, Trumpf, Amada MBend HFT/HFP

There were problems all the time with schedules and orders were late. Working with Metalix with CSV connection to ERP system changed the situation radically.

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Garrigues S. A., France

Machines: HACO punch Omatic 212R/HR, HACO laser Elas

The Garrigues company is very satisfied with the Metalix software. We produce decorative panels that are hung in front of large buildings in France.

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MB Machine Outils, France

Machines: Trumpf Punch 3000 S11, Trumpf Laser L4030, Finnpower E5 Tulus

Right from the start I appreciated the efficiency and the power of the software. This product has the capacity to serve a wide public (operator, method, design office), and has continuously evolved without becoming a bureaucratic sinkhole.

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KLARLUFT Lipow-Hertweck GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Machines: Trumpf TRM 1000 R, Boschert

I was very happy (as a software developer) when I saw that your software offers a full functional API, which can be integrated into any programming language.

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SILL Leuchten GmbH, Germany

Machine: Rainer

cncKad offers all the support and features anyone may need in the sheet metal industry and the automatic generation of CNC programs is rapid and powerful, using all the capabilities the machine offers.

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Alstom Ltd., India

Machines: Muratec C1000, Trumpf

cncKad is very easy to use. Even a new operator is able to learn and create programs after a few hours of training.

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Micro Metal Works Ltd., Israel

Machines: Amada RG50, RG80, Trumpf V85, Trumpf V130

The main module that we are using is the batch processing. We usually run hundreds of parts every evening. In the morning we typically have over 95% of the parts processed. Thanks to MBend our productivity has increased dramatically.

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Tadiran Appliances Ltd., Israel

Machines: Amada 245, 345, 244 punch

We highly recommend this useful software for any potential company manufacturing sheet metal products.

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Urdan Metal & Casting Industries Ltd., Israel

Machine: Nisshinbo Platino 3015 laser

It should be noted that after testing on 15 mm armor-plated metal, Metalix took all the comments we mentioned to the support people and transferred them to the development team. The changes are outstanding and the cutting quality is amazing.

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