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Machines: Durma Laser

We first decided to change our software to Metalix to get better performance in our CAM department. Only after we started using the software did we realize its power and ability to help improve our complete sheet metal fabrication process.

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Machines: Mazak Laser 2Kw, Mazak Laser 4 Kw, Plasma/Oxi Alphatome, Oxitome

cncKad revolutionized the way we use our CAM software. Our nesting is now more efficient, saving tons of sheet metal monthly, faster, and unified.

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Machines: Laser Trumpf 3030 L20 – 5000W; Laser Amada ENSIS 3015 AJ FIBER 3000W

Metalix presented all the requirements we sought and great willingness in developing the customized functions that we required.

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TMP Manufacturing co. de México, Mexico

Machines: Amada Pega 357, Amada AE2510, Amada COMA 567, Amada EM2510 NT

Has been always a pleasure to work with Metalix … they did several customizations to fit even better our particular needs, and now they are perfect.

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S.A.M. di Penuti S.R.L., Italy

Machine: Laser Mazak Optiplex Nexus Fiber 3.0 KW

AutoNest has pleasantly surprised us by the speed and simplicity with which the programs are realized.

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HMF Express, USA

Machines: Muratec Motorum 2048LT/T, Muratec Centrum 1000, Muratec W 4560, Trumpf TruLaser 1030, Amada AE NT 2510

The transition from legacy CAM software to cncKad revolutionized our engineering design capabilities. Thanks to Metalix for proof of well-designed technology backed by timely technical support, making our company the service leader in the North American custom commercial hollow metal market.


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Micro Metal Works Ltd., Israel

Machines: Amada RG50, RG80, Trumpf V85, Trumpf V130

The main module that we are using is the batch processing. We usually run hundreds of parts every evening. In the morning we typically have over 95% of the parts processed. Thanks to MBend our productivity has increased dramatically.

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IWT S.R.L., Italy

Machines: Trumpf 3030-Bosch

Now, thanks to Metalix and its CAD Link, AutoNest, and cncKad products, the timing for the sending-to-production cycle has reduced dramatically.

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Italdecò S.R.L., Italy

Machines: Salvagnini L3; Euromac MTX-Eurowin

The Metalix software (AutoNest/cncKad) has brought considerable benefits to our catering supplies…We are very satisfied!

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New Era, Russia

Machines: Finjet L 3015 Waterjet, Amada Laser LC1212, Amada Punch Vipros 255, Amada Punch Vipros 2510, Amada punch Acute NT2510

Among the advantages of the software is the possibility to work with a wide range of machine manufacturers, which allows our enterprise to save money and reduce implementation time while purchasing new equipment.

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Yi Hao, Taiwan

Machine: Mitsubishi Laser

With cncKad, we save much time for our works and prevent loss from manual errors. The function “ORD CSV MAP” has good integration with our company’s ERP system with the generation of CSV files and enables the reading and layout of the files.

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Jaw Hwa, Taiwan

Machine: Mitsubishi Laser 3015

To achieve good use rate of materials, we apply the auto layout function in cncKad with AutoNest Pro. The results are always marvelous—the joints generated during the common cut avert any collision between laser cut heads and materials.

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