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SMK Constructions, Russia

Machines: Euromac Punch Euro Win, Euromac cx 1000/30Finnpower C5, Amada Acute NT2510

Intuitively obvious and friendly interface, wide functions for contour correction.

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METALFORMERS, Pty. Ltd., South Africa

Machines: Durma HDF 3015 840D Fiber Laser, Euromac Punch

The agility, ease of use and speed when using Metalix is key to keeping our machines running 15+ hours per day. Sometimes we have nests with over 30-50 different parts totalling more than 100,000 parts, and Metalix has no problem nesting and managing it.

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Busung Co. Ltd., South Korea

Machines: Amada Vipros 357, EM3510, EML3510, FO3015

It’s the only CAD/CAM software which can edit CAD and CAM in one window display.

Easy to learn, easy to edit and aggressive support!  Is there any other better one?

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Daedong Door Co. Ltd., South Korea

Machines: Amada Pega 357, Amada EM3612, AC2510, PrimaPunch  E5, Finnpower SG

Easy and fast for different brand machines without any problems. It’s the best choice.

Everyone can learn cnckad even if he does not know CAD.

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Gedeon System Co. Ltd., South Korea

Machine: Amada Punch+Laser APELIO II 357

Reliable software for punching, laser cutting, auto-nesting and 3D CAD Link.

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HS Panel Co. Ltd., South Korea

Machines: Trumpf Punch 5000 Rotation, Trumpf Punch 3000 Rotation

Fastest software for editing CAM and nice compatibility with AutoCAD and other CAD files.

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Teric Engineering Co. Ltd., South Korea

Machines: Amada AE2510, LGE3015

AutoNest Pro supports powerful and most efficient array for punching machines and laser machines.

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DHJ2 Construcciones Metálicas S.L., Spain

Machine: Euromac Punch

Easy to learn, many options even above the needs of the majority of users, does not take up large system resources, live updating, low cost nesting compared to Metalix competition.

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Chih Kang (Jyh Gang), Taiwan

Machines: Trumpf Laser 3030, Amada Punch LC20121NT, Amada Punch Pega 357, Amada Punch Vipros 358, Amada Punch Vipros 357, Amada Laser Quattro

We have been working with many laser cutting machines, punching machines, punching with Laser composite machines… each has more than 2 sets individually. We have been experiencing in the excellent advantages of the Metalix software…

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Chon Whe, Taiwan

Machines: Amada HD 5020NT, Amada RG-80, Amada RG-50, Amada Punch Pega 357, Amada Laser LC1212

Metalix cnckad has been most customized in the fields of functions, convenience, and the transferring between NCT and Laser 3D diagram.

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HOHSIN, Taiwan

Machines: Mazak laser TURBO-X48 Mk II, LVD Punch Delta 1250, LVD Punch Delta 1250 LB, LVD Punch Alpha, Amada Punch Pega 357

The Metalix software has its high supportability, high rate of function vs price, and high sharing and compatibility. … What we would also like to praise is the offering of perfect training and education.

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Jaw Hwa, Taiwan

Machine: Mitsubishi Laser 3015

To achieve good use rate of materials, we apply the auto layout function in cncKad with AutoNest Pro. The results are always marvelous—the joints generated during the common cut avert any collision between laser cut heads and materials.

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