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Machines: Mazak Laser 2Kw, Mazak Laser 4 Kw, Plasma/Oxi Alphatome, Oxitome

Before changing to Metalix, our CAM department used 2 or 3 different software for programming our different laser and plasma machines.

cncKad revolutionized the way we use our CAM software. Our nesting is now more efficient, saving tons of sheet metal monthly, faster, and unified.

Using JobTrack, the Metalix’s ERP, we manage our sheet database so that we can: account for every sheet and remnant, track parts and nests by customers and projects, and know in real time our production status.

The Metalix team was flexible and studied our needs while they were implementing the their software. Using JobTrack, we are able to add together features. We find Metalix to be a good and attentive partner that takes the time to learn our production flux and implement changes accordingly.

Ing. Adrian BRATESCU – General Manager of S.C. SETRO METAL GROUP S.A., Romania