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  • 全自动抓取和路径计算
  • 交互式抓取和图形反馈
  • 使用控制点手动调整路径
  • 支持吸盘抓手
  • 支持带地轨的单元
  • 方便定义托盘堆垛
  • 可同时生成机床和机器人的代码
  • 生成NC代码确保机器人和折弯机协调交互,使生产顺利进行
  • 快速简便的单元标定(专利)

You can easily create a new bending cell by selecting components (including brake, robot and peripherals) from a catalogue of pre-configured components, as well as import new components.
Once you select your cell’s elements, you can position them according to the physical layout of your cell. You can also use MRobot to configure your cell layout, testing the validity of different positions for the various elements of the cell.

MRobot is currently compatible with Kuka®, Yaskawa®, ABB®, and Fanuc® robots, with more under development.
As an extension to the MBend software, these robots can interface with most press brakes, allowing great flexibility in cell management.

Bending a part with Kuka robot, using MRobot software
Bending a part with Yaskawa robot, using MRobot software