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MRobot offers many options for stacking bent parts on the out-pallet.

MRobot provides various options of out-pallets such as a bag, a pallet, a conveyor belt.
For example, in case of a pallet, you can choose between a variety of stacking definitions and parameters.

1500 parts stacked with MRobot

  • Firstly, you can define a three-dimensional stacking layout controlling
  • The number of rows and columns in a single layer
  • The spacing between the parts in each direction ( X,Y and Z)
  • The preferred order in the plane
  • The number of parts to stack on a single out-pallet
  • The order to be chosen between Tile First (complete layer) or Pile First (vertical).
  • Then the pattern also can alternate between Odd and Even layers
  • You can create a unit of grouped parts and the grouped units will be stacked according to the defined rules
  • Finally, you can also define the total number of parts in your entire production. So if you have multiple out-pallets in your cell, the process will advance from one out-pallet to the next (in a cyclic manner) until all parts have been properly stacked.