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Easily nest your tubes in AutoNest.

We have just installed a Mitsubishi LVP 3015 Plus laser interfaced with Metalix cncKad software. We should have changed sooner! The features of cncKad auto nesting, drag and drop, and simulation coupled with the Mitsubishi laser have paid for themselves in just the first few weeks.

Stephen Manson, DC Norris, UK

AutoNest lets you easily nest your tubes.

Tubes can be imported directly from cncKad, from MTube, or from CAD programs (such as SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, PTC Creo, and Autodesk Inventor) via CAD Link. They can be batch processed via the Daily Job and automatically nested with AutoNest Pro. The automatic process identifies the different tube part profiles, material, and thickness, and nests them accordingly, rotating and flipping tube parts for the best and most efficient solutions. You generate NC for tube nests and preview them on tube nesting reports.

Tubes: Tube Nest in AutoNest

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