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For first level technical support, contact your local reseller.

Metalix is totally committed to providing our users with superior ongoing support. Therefore, in meeting customer needs, we offer many different technical assistance options:

  • Online support – Our technicians gladly and swiftly answer any of your questions through TeamViewer or Skype™.
  • Maintenance contract (AMC) – Annually renewable.
  • Email – Sending a problem report from within the software provides all the details of your working environment, and allows Metalix technicians to reproduce and solve your issue in next to no time.

We offer professional advice on integrating Metalix software packages—including combinations of cncKad, AutoNest, CAD Link, MBend, MTube, and JobTrack—into the manufacturing factory system. In addition to remote guidance, we provide services on site, in the factory.


Metalix training courses focus on fundamental skills and concepts, ensuring productive and successful work using our products. During comprehensive training sessions we equip our customers with knowledge of how to work with our products in the most efficient manner, providing powerful tools that lead to increased productivity and lowered overall implementation costs.

We address the training needs of a single user as well as the diverse requirements of a whole company, offering product-specific courses tailored to the customer. We offer a variety of training options:

  • Online – Through TeamViewer or Skype™.
  • On site – Metalix technicians provide training at your facility.
  • Seminars – Organized at intervals by Metalix.
  • Training videos – See how to use many Metalix software features. (To receive notifications when Metalix posts new videos, click Subscribe.)


Metalix offers answers to some popular issues and questions on Q&A page.