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Machine Configuration

Machine Configuration allows to import and configure tools and machines.

  • Easy to learn
  • Many options even above the needs of the majority of users
  • Does not take up large system resources
  • Live updating
  • Low cost nesting compared to Metalix competition

Jaime Martínez, Inspector, DHJ2 Construcciones Metálicas, S.L., Spain

Machine Configuration: Setting machine componentsFor example, it is very easy to switch upper clamping from European to American or NSII MBend provides roughly 200 pre-configured machine models out of the box. If your specific model is not in the list, you can easily modify an existing machine to match yours.

You can also add a machine in MBend to those already available for simulation. A built-in wizard guides you in the process of configuring a new machine, including assigning the tools, whether from imported definitions, existing definitions in MBend, or manual configuration.

There are three ways to add a new set of definitions:

  • Define all the parametric measurements.
  • Import an IGES file.
  • Import machine and tool parameters from another PC running MBend.

Defining a parametric frame is just a matter of measuring the machine and entering the relevant information in the template.

Machine Configuration: parametric machine definitions in MBend