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3D Export

The 3D export option allows you to seamlessly transport files from the MTube software into cncKad and MBend.


Has been always a pleasure to work with Metalix … They did several customizations to suit our particular needs even better, and now they are perfect.

William Perez, head of programming at TMP Manufacturing co. de México, Mexico

See a video on how to make a 3D export of tubes into cncKad and AutoNest from MBend and Yutong software.

Transfer Tubes from MTube to cncKad

You can transfer tubes from MTube to cncKad.

Then, you can cut the tubes that you have imported, and process them with all the cncKad features.
MTube3D Export of Tubes from MTube to cncKad

cncKadTube Export from MTube to cncKad

cncKad3D Simulation of Tube Cutting

Transfer Sheet Metal Files from MTube to cncKad and MBend

Sheet metal files can be transferred from MTube into cncKad and MBend, and further processed there.

MTube3D Export of Sheet Metal Files from MTube to cncKad and MBend

cncKadTransfer of Sheet Metal File from MTube to cncKad

MBend3D Simulation of Sheet Metal Part in MBend