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Most of cncKad’s CAM editing functionalities are available in AutoNest so you can change the tooling and the processing for the whole nest or specific parts.

The agility, ease of use and speed we can work with when using Metalix is key to keeping our machines running 15+ hours per day. Sometimes we have nests with over 30-50 different parts totalling more than 100,000 parts, and Metalix has no problem nesting it and managing it very effectively.

Henk Van Nierkerk and Derrick Van Nierkerk, Directors, METALFORMERS Pty. Ltd., South Africa

Editing CAMs includes running Smart Cut: Using this strong feature AutoNest determines from which side and corner to enter the parts, and runs part handling for MicroJoints.

Tooling: AutoNest Tooling View

Tooling View

AutoNest can display the tooling and the part arrangements on the sheets in many different ways as you can see in the examples.

Tooling: Cutting View in AutoNestColor tool path by speed (for cutting machines)

Tooling: split sheet View in AutoNestSplit sheet

Tooling: cut sheet View in AutoNestCut sheet

CAM Editing

You can manipulate the tooling from within AutoNest.

Tooling: CAM order Editing in AutoNestChange the processing order


For punch machines:

  • Edit tools and tool data
  • Change MicroJoints
  • Select a turret setup
  • Change the processing order
  • Drag nibbling
  • Add tool functions
  • Control pickup: change the unload tool position
  • Edit and delete CAMs 

For cutting machines:

  • Change the lead-in (entry)
  • Edit and delete CAMs
  • Change the processing order
  • Apply the smart cut
  • Add/edit/delete/move MicroJoints
CAM Layers

One file can handle detailed processing definitions for different machines or different angles. These CAM layers can include push out, MicroJoints and WireJoints, unloading, trimming, cut sheet etc. This powerful solution ports parts from one technology or machine type to another, such as from punch to laser.

Layers for different machines or anglesLayers for different machines or angles

This feature enables you to place layers at different angles, and generate NC codes for your punch/cutting/combination machines. When you update your part geometry, or require different tooling definitions or adjustments for different machines, cncKad updates the processing for all layers. Alternatively, edit specific CAMs without applying the changes to all CAMs.

When you import a part that includes CAM layers, AutoNest automatically uses the correct layer. For example, if a part is positioned at 90°, the 90° layer is used for processing the part; if positioned at 180° then this layer is used.

When you import the parts, you add CAM layers in AutoNest for the daily job order, to all parts of the order.