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September 11, 2017

MBend V8 release

What’s new in version 8 of MBend from Metalix?

  • Auto-sequencing rules: MBend allows you to set priorities for rules when auto-sequencing, thereby determining the order in which potential sequencing solutions are searched for and displayed. Examples of rules: Prefer minimum gauging, Prefer minimum flips, Prefer minimum station sections, and Prefer minimum rotations. You can set priorities for the sequencing rules and for the initial ordering, and save your sets of rules.
  • Multi-V die support: MBend supports multi-V die tool import and simulation. These dies include “X” and multiple-V, quick-change two-V, and two-V hemming. This makes it easier to import the multi-V dies by requiring only one DXF drawing per die. Once a die is imported, MBend recognizes all the V openings; single or multiple. MBend also supports movement in the I axis, where the lower clamp moves forward and back. This is useful for dies with side-by-side V openings.
  • Finger positioning: MBend now allows you to define the Z offset of the fingers from the outer edges, the R offset of the fingers from the end of the up/down bend radius (by a measured distance), and a separate default stop for each finger.
  • Upstroke simulation: MBend now simulates upward movement of the lower beam. (Relevant for upstroke machines; e.g., Amada RG.)
  • Hemming table: MBend now supports press brake machines with hemming tables.
  • Improved DXF part import: MBend now supports tooling and bend sequence specifications when importing a DXF file. This enables close integration with CAD and ERP systems.
  • Optimization improvements: The processing speed has greatly improved for these common operations: part loading, finger positioning, auto-sequencing, and automatic tool station building.
  • New NC code: MBend now generates code for these machine controllers: Murata 3D (SCPX), Safan, Cybelec Touch (CybTouch), and Bystronic.

Read the What’s New in V8 document for full details.