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Common Cuts

After using cncKad for about 12 years I think I finally figured out how absolutely fantastic the common line cutting for lasers is to use. I find that I want to common cut almost everything; the more I do, the more I want to do.

Mitch Parlette, Cozmyk Enterprises, USA

cncKad’s common cut feature allows you to process the edges of two adjoining parts with the same cut, thereby saving material, cutting gas, and time. Instead of cutting each part individually, cncKad checks if adjacent part contours are at a distance that enables using common line cutting. This powerful feature saves material, cutting gas, time, and also avoids the need to pierce the sheet again.
Example of Common CutsPink indicates common cuts

Benefits of common line cutting:

  • Decrease machining time
  • Minimize material wastage
  • Save cutting gas
  • Reduce wear on machine parts

Common cuts apply to these parts:

  • With long, straight contours
  • Cut from thick sheets, with low cutting speed
  • With contours to be vaporized, requiring two passes