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Automatic Reposition

cncKad provides automatic reposition of the sheet:

  • Whenever cncKad recognizes that the parts overhang your machine’s table range. This way, sheets that are larger than the working range of the machine can be processed.
  • To enable punching in the area of the clamps.
Enlarging Machine Working Range

The pictures below show automatic reposition that enlarges the machine’s working range.

Automatic Reposition: Machine Working Range

cncKad Automatic Reposition Enlarged Machine Working Range

Clamp Avoidance

cncKad permits placing parts near or even beneath the clamps. The clamp avoidance option maximizes sheet utilization by allowing punches in those areas that would be inaccessible otherwise. This is useful if you produce grids of holes on a complete sheet, or nest multiple parts on a single sheet.

This option is activated automatically when processing is to be performed in the clamp area. During NC creation, cncKad‘s post-processor calculates the reposition data, tool size, and dead zone data, and creates a program that repositions as needed, so as not to damage the clamps.

The number of repositions in a program is determined by the table size, the sheet size, and the size of the dead zone.

cncKad supports machines that have the option to move individual clamps.

Automatic Reposition: Clamp Avoidance